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We created nuBANDS after realizing that some of our personal training clients kept getting injuries after lifting weights. We decided to replace the weights with resistance bands and noticed a huge difference, not only in the overall health of our clients, but also in muscle tone and weight loss. It was then that we realized that resistance band training is some of the best training one can utilize to get in shape. We also realized that the recent events of COVID and prolonged lockdowns have shown how vital it is to have gym equipment at home. It can be nearly impossible to get home gym equipment in times like these, leaving you with little to no workout options. We created these bands to empower those that do not want to utilize weights or a gym membership to get in shape. Our vision is to help as many people as possible reach their goals so that they can become the best version of themselves. Whether you’re looking to recover from injuries, tone your body, build muscle, or to lose weight, we have the bands for the job. 



nuBands allows you to reach new levels of fitness you never thought possible. With nuBANDS, you are in control with a complete arsenal of proven products focused on maximizing results. nuBands can help you:


• Tone up

• Shed fat

• Build muscle

• Increase cardio 

• Recover properly and safely 

• Improve overall wellbeing 


We believe no goal is too big. The sky is the limit with nuBands, which are here to grow with you. Learn new moves and exercises and scale up with ease by simply adding more resistance to achieve new goals you have set for yourself.



We are here to help you build a better you! Unlock your full potential while optimizing your health, confidence, appearance, fitness, and so much more! We are here to help, whether you are looking to work out from home, recover from an injury, build a better body or enjoy the results of resistance training. Our resistance bands are for all shapes, sizes, and skill levels.


  • Innovative products

We carry a wide range of innovative products to help you achieve maximum results. A fan favorite is the nuBooty. nuBooty allows you to sculpt, tone, and shape your butt like never before without building bulky muscles. nuBooty comes in a compact size, making it easy to store or transport. Build your dream body by checking it out here: nuBooty.


  • Professional Support 

Your needs are our priority. We go above and beyond to ensure you are happy, and over 10,000 satisfied customers would agree. We pride ourselves on delivering premium products at affordable prices. Products you can use from home or take to the beach, gym, or park. Along with proven products, we deliver professional support to ensure everything goes smoothly from the moment you enter our website to long after your purchase. 

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